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BANQUET COMMITTEE (January 2021)                                                 Chair- TBD

  • Appoint honorary chairperson
  • Engage event planning and administrative management consultant
  • Determine venue, speaker and program
  • Coordinate and facilitate fundraising
  • Engage and secure corporate sponsorships

BENEVOLENCE COMMITTEE                                                                 Chair - Myra Carroll

  • Establish and execute Board approved guidelines.
  • Create and maintain database information of members notification i.e. illness, death, etc.
  • Establish catastrophic funds and guidelines
  • Determine the notification methods of receiving and sending info
  • Follow all Board approved financial procedures regarding purchases and reimbursements

BUDGET & FINANCE COMMITTEE                                                      Chair – Royce Isaac

  • Develop proposed 2018 operating budget for HBREA
  • Review monitor and report all IRS and end of year financial reports
  • Formulate ideas on how to fund various Outreach Programs
  • Perform period reviews of all financial records
  • Engage independent auditor for annual audit of financial records

CONSTITUTION & BY-LAWS COMMITTEE                                         Chair -Mark Sonnier

  • Identify areas in our constitution and by-laws that are ineffective or need

updating to reflect current industry trends

  • Make recommendation to amend By-Laws pursuant to the above
  • Recommend membership dues increase when appropriate
  • Develop and request change to incorporate non-Brokers on Board of Directors

MCE & EDUCATION COMMITTEE                                                         Chair -Michael Davis

  • Draft annual budget for Board approval
  • Establish relationship with TREC to ensure classes to be approved for continuing education credits
  • Identify educational classes that address the needs in the real estate industry 
  • Plan and execute partner hosted workshops and classes
  • Coordinate sponsor hosted ABC Classes as required by approved budget
  • Create and provide meter boards concerning ABC and MCE class schedules
  • Provide monthly written reports
  • Maintain and submit updates to HBREA website
  • Identify new topics for classes

BROKERS CIRCLE COMMITTEE                                                          Chair Eva O’Conner

  • Plan organize and execute quarterly Brokers Circle meetings in March June September December
  • Develop content and discussion topics for the sessions
  • Coordinate and disseminate all correspondence
  • Moderate sessions

FUND RAISING/ DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE                               Chair -Candace Ford-Holmes/

Liaison- Myra Carroll

  • Identify and develop annual fund-raising goals                                
  • Develop and implement activities to achieve fund raising goals
  • Organize, plan and provide proposed budget (with dates) to facilitate the following fund-raising activities:  Night at The Ensemble Theatre HBREA bowl a thon, Casino Night

    ETHICS/GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE                                                Chair -Mark Sonnier

  • Review Constitution and By-Law grievance procedures
  • Address any complaints or grievances presented by the public or members with the organization
  • Receives monitors and implements grievance procedures
  • Determine and implement the notification methods for receiving and sending information

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE                                                             Chair-Felicia Guidry/                                                                                                                                                                 Co-Chair-LeJonta McGowen

  • Develop and implement plans to increase memberships via membership drives by Board Retreat in January
  • Create and maintain a membership database and provide to HBREA Administrative Assistant on a monthly basis
  • Develop a “each one reach one” membership drive – prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place for the member who enrolls the newest members
  • Identify and publicize membership benefits
  • Plan and host quarterly mixers in March June September and December
  • Coordinate and provide membership applications at all HBREA functions
  • Ensure website reflects current membership information

MONTHLY MEETING COMMITTEE                                                      Chair- Victor Lofinmakin                                                                                                                                                          Co-Chair Don Davis

  • Provide meeting planning and logistics assistance for all monthly meetings
  • Develop content, identify presenters and secure sponsors and underwriters for

monthly Lunch & Learn meetings

  • Determine the notification methods of receiving and sending information
  • Secure and update members, visitors and guest information; provide to HBREA Administrative Assistant on a monthly basis

MORTGAGE AFFILIATE COMMITTEE                                                Chair- Shirley Penn McAfee

                                                                                                                 Co-Chair- Kathryn Jones

                                                                                                                 Liaison- Bridget Ross

  • Coordinate with education chair in providing valuable Mortgage classes for the members
  • Consider new loan products to enhance partners buy-into strategies
  • Establish ways to keep updates on current information in mortgage industry and pass on to newsletter chairperson
  • Create a database of NAREB’s mortgage professionals
  • Created database of HBREA referrals

NOMINATING COMMITTEE                                                                   Chair- Bill Pitre

  • Determine the notification methods of receiving and sending information
  • Facilitate the selection of future HBREA Leadership Board of Directors and Officers

PAC COMMITTEE                                                                                     Chair-Shad Bogany

  • Outline guidelines for committee activity
  • Determine the notification methods of receiving and sending information

PAST PRESIDENTS ADVISORY COMMITTEE                                      Chair- Ladonna Parker

  • Outline guidelines for committee activity
  • Determine the notification methods of receiving and sending information
  • Must be a current Partner and/or active Sponsor


  • Develop and implement long and short-term strategies to accomplish goals and objectives
  • Outline guidelines for committee activity
  • Determine the notification methods of receiving and sending information
  • Must be a current Partner and/or active Sponsor

PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE                                                      Chair- Kimberly Dixion-Dudley

                                                                                                                  Liaison-Shad Bogany

  • Identify goals to accomplish marketing the HBREA Brand
  • Create marketing ideas for HBREA
  • Establish and maintain a Facebook and Twitter presence for HBREA
  • Create and distribute a quarterly Newsletter publication

REALTIST WEEK COMMITTEE                                                            Chair-Felicia Guidry

                                                                                                                 Co-Chair Shamika Jones

  • Reflect, celebrate, inform and publicize REALTIST® Week
  • Develop and implement plans for REALTIST® Week
  • Coordinate with Public Relations chair to impart information to membership

TECHNOLOGY & WEBSITE COMMITTEE                                        Chair-Kenny Gabriel

                                                                                                                Co-Chair-Atia Willis

                                                                                                                Liaison-Felicia Guidry

  • Maintain and update website
  • Aid and provide recommendation to all technical information and updates

HOUSING FAIR COMMITTEE                                                               Chair-Andrea Cooksey


  • Plan and execute all aspects of the Housing Fair
  • Submit proposed budget for approval in January 2016
  • Identify and secure underwriters and corporate sponsors to defray expenses
  • Organize, solicit and lead Housing Fair committee members

COMMUNITY SERVICE COMMITTEE                                                Chair-Lisa White

                                                                                                                 Liaison- Juan Crawford

  • Solicit, survey and identify community needs
  • Plan and organize HBREA’s community service projects during Realtist Week and the Holiday Season
  • Align service projects with HBREA goals and objectives

FAITH-BASED ORGANIZATIONS                                                       Chair-Shannon Higgins

  • Engage faith-based organizations, foundations, and entities to participate in partnership/collaborative opportunities
  • Provide educational opportunities to faith-based members i.e. tax protests, workshops, etc.
  • Serve as a conduit for communications and partnerships

HOLIDAY SOCIAL                                                                             Chair

  • Identify and Secure location
  • Negotiate venue and vendor contracts
  • Confirm food and beverage selection
  • Engage and secure corporate sponsorships

VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR COMMITTEE                                        Chair-Lisa White/

                                                                                                                    Liaison- Dr Juan Crawford

  • Organize volunteer participation for major events and as requested by various committee chairs

AMBASSADOR COMMITTEE                                                                 Chair-Dwayne Graham

                                                                                                                    Co-Chair Latoya Holmes

  • Coordinate’s area wide outreach efforts to introduce and promote the HBREA brand to industry professionals at scheduled events to increase membership

2 MIL N 5 COMMITTEE                                                                             Chair-Kimberly Barnes-Henson

  • Coordinate local 2Mn5 initiatives in conjunction with State and National priorities

BUILDER ALLIANCE COMMITTEE                                                           Chair- Linda Blue

                                                                                                                       Co-Chair JaTonia Youngblood

                                                                                                                       Liaison- Shamika Jones

  • Coordinates quarterly events engaging area builders including area wide builder open houses and builder bus tours for consumers and Realtist

COMMERCIAL / INVESTMENT COMMITTEE                                       Chair-Tiffany Ryland

                                                                                                                     Co-Chair – Michelle Johnson

                                                                                                                     Liaison – Bridget Ross

  • Promote education and access to commercial real estate sales and investments

HBREA TOP 20 COMMITTEE                                                                 Chair- Eva O’Conner

  • Identify top producers in the industry
  • Organize Event to Award those identified


  • Help encourage young people to become interested in the Real Estate field.
  • Provide information and encourage college students to join the real estate industry.
  • Provide membership orientation to new members.
  • Encourage participation in all conference events.
  • Make referrals to other affiliates.

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