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Democracy in Housing

Two Million New Black Homeowners Program (2Mn5)

The National Association of Real-Estate Brokers (NAREB) Two Million New Black Homeowner Initiative (Initiative) includes the following five key points:

The National Association of Real-Estate Brokers (NAREB) Two Million New Black Homeowner Initiative Program (2MN5) includes the following key points: The 2MN5 Program is one of NAREB’s solutions in response to its semi-annual report the State of Housing In Black America (SHIBA) ®, with a short and long-term core objective to eliminate the racial gap and disparity in homeownership in the United States (42% Black vs. 71% White).

The Program includes the following activities that support NAREB’s motto of Democracy in Housing:

·        Advocacy for Black homeownership with public and private sector leaders at the local, state and federal levels;

·        Advertising and marketing to black consumers on the financial and other benefits of Black Homeownership;

·        Activism for access to credit and the reform and changing of regulatory policies and laws that support increased Black homeownership;

·        Action-based community outreach that raises awareness and educates communities across the country of the important role homeownership plays in closing the wealth gap in the black community;

·        Neighborhood and Community Development Projects that foster homeownership;

·        Advocacy and Leadership Development Training for NAREB local leaders and other community and neighborhood stakeholders;

·        Business development training and technical assistance for Black entrepreneurs through NAREB’s Share the Wealth Series and NAREB University;

NAREB fully understands that eliminating the 30% gap in homeownership throughout the U.S. will require organizational discipline, advocacy, focus and partnerships with the faith, business, foundation, and public sectors.  The 2MN5 Program will be implemented both locally and nationally by NAREB with its staff, consultants, members, the NAREB Affiliates, faith-based institutions, community and neighborhood organizations, and public and sector institutions.

NAREB will measure its impact through the 2MN5 Program via success and progress on victories locally and/or nationally by using criteria such as: o Increasing homeownership in the black communities over five years

o Increasing the size and scope of black business in real-estate

o Strengthening the foundation of black wealth through land ownership

o Raising the awareness of the important role homeownership plays in wealth creation in the black community

o The Renaissance and Transformation of targeted neighborhoods in selected cities

o Advocating for local, state and national legislative and regulatory reforms to promote Democracy in Housing and that will help increase Black Homeownership.

Why is Black Homeownership Important?

o Income Matters – consistent income matters to your eligibility to buy a home.

o Credit matters – Your Credit report is a key element in the affordability of homeownership.

o Property selection matters – understanding the community you desire to live in matters. There are specific areas that matter for 1st-time homebuyers, 2nd-time homeowners, investors and so on.

o Your mortgage matters – having a Realtist walk you through the process matters.

o Maintenance of your home matters – your home is an asset that will appreciate when you take care of it. Budget accordingly.

o Protection of your home (land asset) matters – protect the wealth you are building via insurance and security.

o Payoff matters— full ownership matters. Having a strategy for payoff is an important part of the road to wealth via homeownership. A paid off home reduces your cost of living allowing you to save and invest for other things.

o Transfer Matters – Selling at the right time is how wealth can be created via cross-generational homeownership.

Key Elements of the 2MN5 Program

Access to Advocacy

o   Local and National Advocacy Days

o   NAREB Leadership and Advocacy Training

o   Shaping public opinion on Black Homeownership

Access to Information

o   Marketing & Advertising Campaign on 2MN5 to Black consumers

o   NAREB Share the Wealth Series

o   NAREB SHIBA Solutions Series

o   Community Wealth Building Day & Homebuyer Expos

o   Researching and tracking local homeownership and lending trends

o   State of Housing In Black America Report (SHIBA)

Access to Markets

o   NAREB Local and (Community Wealth Building Day and Homebuyer Expo, Realtist Week, Homeownership Weekend, Homes for Veterans)

o   Asset Management and vendor and supplier diversity opportunities for Black business owners

o   Career and employment opportunities for Black people interested in real estate related professions Restoring dilapidated properties Developing new single-family-owned homes in cities in partnership with local residents, faith-based institutions, and other organizations, including NAREB’s affiliates

Access to Capital and Financing Consumers and small business owners

o   Funding for Neighborhood & Community Development Projects (single-family, mixed-use and multifamily)

o   NAREB Down payment and closing cost assistance grants

o   Small business lending for Black business owners

Access to Local and National Partners Faith-based Financial institutions

Business, social, faith and community organization partnership and collaboration opportunities

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